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ErnievikWelcome To Ernievik -The House Of Solutions

We are a multi functional entity that give solutions to the needs of our clients.We provide in depth corporate training in the field of Information Technology.Our main activity is to render IT consultation for various companies…Read More >

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate aim of our business activities.

Creative and Dynamic

We are creative and dynamic in nature. We always come out with creative ideas, approaches and concepts for production and distribution of goods and services.

Business Continuity

We believe in business continuity with our clients to create a good business relationship.

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Ernievik is one of the world’s leading Corporate Training Service Providers in Ghana, offering instructor-led and self-paced, in-house or public courses.



We are a group of people bound by their passion for advertising..



We understand that car shopping and car buying can be stressful, with some places making the sales floor a high-pressure, high-stress environment, but that’s not how we work here at Ernievik.



What Our Clients are saying

Our clients’ written  statement extolling the virtue of our  products and services

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    Ernievik provided me with a unique and professional services after i purchased I.T Equipments from them.I will always recommend Ernievik to everyone who wants quality I.T products.

    • Ebenezer Rules
    • Eben Rules Investment,CEO
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    My biggest win from Ernievik was understanding how to create a business that is custom-tailored for me and that allows me to work in my genius zone and reach the people who need my help

    • Seedorf Bosiako
    • Fix Consult,Manager
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    Ernievik Ltd really challenged our company to expand and not be afraid of scaling up.With their services,our company has grown.We thank Ernievik.

    • Ferdinand H
    • Softweaver Info Systems-CEO
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    I chose Ernievik Ltd because i simply could not find any other company that offered all the tools i needed under one platform

    • Nkechie Rosier Onuoha
    • Marketing Bees Network Ltd,CEO
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