By Tom M. Lee McDonald’s (MCD) announced Tuesday that it will begin producing its own chip chips, and will sell them in its restaurants.

The announcement comes after years of growing competition from the likes of Intel Corp.’s (INTC) Xeon chip, which powers many of the company’s servers and other consumer electronics.

The chips are expected to be sold in grocery stores and in McDonald’s restaurants, but they will also be available for sale at restaurants and online through the company, a spokeswoman said.

McDonald’s will start selling chips that are made from a unique combination of ingredients including a natural butter, coconut oil and a blend of spices that was developed by the company.

The company has been working to create a chip that’s both natural and inexpensive, said McDonald’s spokeswoman Lisa J. Denniston.

The new chips will be sold through its online and brick-and-mortar stores, which will sell at a discount to consumers.

The company said it plans to begin selling the chips at its restaurants starting next month.

The price for the chips is $3.99 a piece, but it will be available in grocery store locations, restaurants and kiosks throughout the company through a program that it launched earlier this year.

The new chips are the latest of several innovations that McDonald’s has launched in recent years.

Last month, the company announced that it would start using the “smart” chip technology that powers its McDonald’s PayPass mobile payments system.

In September, McDonald’s also announced that the company would begin selling chips at the restaurant level.

The chip chips that McDonalds will be offering for sale are being developed in partnership with a company called the Global Alliance for the Advancement of Chip Technology, which is backed by IBM, Apple Inc. and others.

The alliance is expected to provide the chip industry with the necessary technology to make chips that will be widely used in the future, said Kevin Gartland, director of product management for the Alliance.

McNally, the chairman and CEO of McDonald’s International, said that the chips will help McDonald’s continue to innovate and build its brands, which include the KFC, Wendy’s and other popular restaurants.

McDonald’s will also continue to make use of existing technology to help meet the growing demand for chips in the U.S. and globally.

The announcement comes less than a year after the company launched its own version of the chip called the McDonald’s Advanced Chips, which have been available for purchase since last year.

The Advanced Chips are made using a mixture of a natural butterscotch and cocoa butter, as well as a blend with spices and cocoa powder, a mixture that is similar to the flavor of the chips sold by Chipotle Mexican Grill.

The chips have also been available to buy online, and McDonald’s had said that they would be available to retailers as well.

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