Amazon is rolling out a number of new Kindle titles to its online marketplace on Thursday.

Among them are a few surprises for Kindle fans, including the debut of the novel The Best Of The Best by Laura Miller, the new thriller No Place Like Home by Emily Bazelon, and The Unwritten by the author of the popular sci-fi series The Fifth Estate.

There are a couple other surprises too, like a new book in the anthology The Way of the Sword by Kate Elliott and The End of Days by Laura E. Kelley, a book that will be available as an ebook on Amazon’s e-reader platform and is expected to hit the e-readers shelves on May 25.

The company did not immediately provide additional details about what titles will be on the shelves.

It’s also encouraging Kindle owners to get excited about what’s to come with the launch of The Way Of The Sword on Thursday, which is a sequel to The Best of The Best.

It features an older version of the character from the books, named “Mackie.”

Elliott, Kelley, and Miller have been working on the story for years, and it was a big inspiration for Miller to go back to her favorite novels to see what the world had in store.

The book is the first of three to be released under the new title.

The rest of the book will be released on the Kindle platform.

“Laura’s first book is a masterpiece of a novel and the sequel to a fantastic book,” said Miller in a statement to The Verge.

“The end of days is just the beginning and Laura is thrilled to finally share this incredible story with her readers.”

Ella, an Amazon spokesperson, said that “The Way of The Sword” is “a stunningly beautiful story that we have been waiting for.”

The way of the sword is a fictional character in The Way, but Elliott and Kelley have said that Mackie is their inspiration for the character.

In the novels, Mackie, an elite knight who has sworn to avenge his dead father, is a sword-wielding man of action and skill.

His actions in the world, including rescuing a young girl from the clutches of an evil wizard, earn him the title of The Knight of the Way.

The title of the new book, The Unspoken, is the story of a woman who has been imprisoned in a secret room for the last 10 years.

After escaping, she becomes obsessed with the idea of revenge, and she has developed a relationship with a woman named Daven who is a witch who has an ancient magical device that is capable of turning a person’s mind into stone.

“It’s a book about the power of love, and how that power can transform the lives of ordinary people and the lives, the dreams, of people of all races and all ethnicities,” Kelley told the New York Times.

The book is available for purchase through Amazon.

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