The man behind the $3.2 billion Disney deal says he wants to save Disney, but won’t pay up for the company’s future

SAN FRANCISCO — Walt Disney World Resort is a company that has been one of the most profitable for the Walt Disney Co. in decades.

The resort is worth $2.7 billion, according to a valuation company.

But the company has spent millions of dollars to save it from bankruptcy.

Disney has been in financial trouble for years.

Its stock has fallen by more than 40% since 2013.

And the company needs to make a lot of hard decisions soon.

As Disney struggles, the world’s biggest theme park operator is looking for ways to save money and is looking at whether it could buy a large theme park or other assets that would give it more financial flexibility.

Disney Chief Executive Bob Iger says he will discuss the matter with shareholders during the company board meeting on Wednesday.

He said that Disney is exploring options to save the company.

“We are talking to a lot people, including some who are going to have more impact than I do,” Iger said in a conference call.

“And I think we’re going to discuss the potential ways to address the long-term challenges that are looming.”

Iger, who will be joined by Disney chairman and CEO Bob Iacono, said he expects that the company will continue to be profitable.

He added that he will meet with Disney shareholders and will make a decision within the next few weeks.

Disney will have $3 billion to spend by the end of 2020.

And Iger expects to spend another $100 million this year on a “strategic plan,” the details of which haven’t been disclosed.

Iger has been trying to make the company more efficient for years, but the company is still under a $50 billion debt load, and it has been under pressure from the entertainment industry to restructure.

Disney’s financial woes started when Disney announced a plan to spin off its theme parks from the rest of its businesses in 2019, the same year the park opened.

That plan has caused tension with some investors who believe that Disney should have taken more ownership in the parks, even though it already owns a majority stake in them.

Iber said he doesn’t expect that the board will recommend any changes to the plan, though he acknowledged that the plan could be changed.

“The plan is not a magic wand,” Iber told reporters on Wednesday, explaining that Disney had to make decisions that would “maximize shareholder value.”

Disney also is facing growing pressure to sell off its remaining brands.

Last year, it sold a number of its biggest brands, including The Jungle Book, The Jungle Cruise, and Animal Kingdom.

The company also is preparing to sell a number from its theme park in the U.K. in 2020.

“There’s a number that’s in play that’s really quite large,” Iago said.

“If you look at the market today, you have Disney’s brand footprint that’s not shrinking, it’s expanding.”

The company said it expects that it will generate more than $1 billion in revenue from the U and China markets by 2020.

It has struggled to turn a profit and has lost billions of dollars.

Its revenue is expected to decline by a further $1.5 billion this year, as its attractions are closed and more and more guests try to avoid visiting the resort.

Disney is in the process of reducing its workforce by 2,000 workers, but that has caused it to have to cut back on the amount of entertainment that can be booked on the parks.

Iago says the company plans to spend $1 million a day to train employees to improve their customer service skills and is in talks with a number in-house consultants to hire.

“Our mission is to create a great experience for our guests and the best possible way to do that is to invest in the future,” Iagan said.

Disney also has been working to find new ways to boost its revenues and profit.

In February, Iago announced that he would give $1,000 bonuses to employees who make it through a year of the year with the company in a program that pays for meals for employees and their families.

He also announced that Disney will be investing in new research to develop new ways of marketing.

Disney CEO Bob Akenis has made clear that he wants the company to succeed in the next decade.

“It’s the company I’m most proud of,” Akenys chief financial officer John Sutter said.

Iagos goal to save $3bn by the time the park opens in 2021 has not been met.

“I’m hopeful we can come through that,” Iagos said.

But Iago has had trouble getting the company through the financial crisis.

“At some point, you’ve got to have a change of heart,” Iganis said.

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