I have to admit I’ve never heard of a Dunkin Donuts promotion until now.

The chain recently launched a new promotion that will allow consumers to purchase $5 Donuts for the first time, in partnership with the company’s Donut King franchisee, in a move that may just be the most important step for the company to date.

According to the chain’s press release, the promotion will allow customers to shop for $5Donuts from a number of locations around the country on April 7.

The company says the promotion, which was first announced in October, will launch a new “dunk” in a number that includes Donuts, Donut Rings, and more.

The promotion, according to the company, will “provide consumers with a unique experience when they visit Dunkin’ Donuts and other DunkinDonuts stores.”

This isn’t the first Dunkin donut promotion that has come about this year, and it’s unlikely to be the last, as it could have implications for other chain promotions as well.

In fact, according the company that operates Dunkin’s franchises, the company is currently working on a new Dunkin campaign that will “open up new opportunities for our franchisees and customers.”

For instance, it’s possible that Dunkin could launch a “Donut King” campaign that would introduce the chain to a new customer demographic that may include millennials.

This is all part of a broader push to build a new brand for Dunkin, which has already been experiencing some success since launching in August 2016.

The brand, which launched its signature donuts in January, has been gaining traction in grocery stores and has seen some great success at gas stations.

In fact, Dunkin has seen its sales grow by almost 50% year over year.

In February, the brand also saw success at the popular shopping mall chain Nordstrom, which saw Dunkin sales increase from $2.5 billion to $2 billion in the first quarter.

Dunkin also has a partnership with Starbucks, which is the largest independent coffee chain in the U.S. with over 7,000 stores.

The company says Dunkin is currently in talks with major retailers, such as Walmart and Target, and is also considering expanding the company into other categories.

The Dunkin franchisees are also considering a number potential locations.

However, the chain is not going to have a single location on every continent, which could be an issue for consumers who may not have access to Dunkin stores or even want to purchase the donuts.

For now, it looks like Dunkin won’t have a new Donut promotion in the works.

However, with Dunkin having already launched a number “Dunkin” promotions in the past, it may be time to look to other chains for other marketing strategies to help the brand achieve its new heights.

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