Dunkin Donuts to launch a new ‘Dunkin Donut’ ad campaign on YouTube and Instagram

Dunkin’ Donuts will launch a campaign on social media and YouTube starting this week to promote the Dunkin-branded Dunkin Brands brand on a variety of platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

“The Dunkin Brand is a family of brands that combines our iconic Dunkin brand and Dunkin Eggs to make the world healthier,” Dunkin president of media partnerships, Mark Hirsch, said in a statement.

“Dunkins’ signature Donuts is an iconic and iconic product that we’re committed to continuing to expand.”

Hirsch added that the campaign is designed to connect with consumers through a variety for both brands and their products, including social media posts, videos, photos and video content.

“This is a fun way for us to connect more directly with our consumers and bring a new level of authenticity to the brand,” he said.

The campaign, which is being developed for Facebook, will run on the Dunkins’ YouTube channel,, and Instagram channels, Dunkins Dunkin, Dunkonniere, and Dunkon’s.

“Dunkons Dunkin Egg Donuts has been a global success for more than 100 years,” Dunkins Donuts co-CEO and chief operating officer Joe Pfeiffer said in the statement.

“Through our passion for quality, our commitment to sustainability and our commitment in building the brands biggest brands, we believe that Dunkin has a unique opportunity to continue to be at the forefront of food innovation.”

The Dunkins Brand is owned by Dunkin Foods, which also owns the famous Dunkin Cookies, and is sold in many countries around the world.

The Dunkinnies donuts brand has been available in many popular baked goods including Dunkin Sugar, Dunkinnie, and many other flavors.

It is also a popular treat in many ice cream flavors.

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