In a move that will likely shock customers, Nordstrom is launching a new promotion where it will give customers the opportunity to win a free gift card at one of their stores.

The promotion is part of an overall push by the retailer to boost its online presence and its digital marketing efforts.

The promotion is set to run through April 23 and features an introductory price of $30.

To sign up for the offer, customers will have to create an account with the brand.

The offer is available to consumers ages 18 and older, who can also purchase the card for $10.

Nordstroms is offering the card through its online store, Nordtrol.

The promo is available until April 23 at 7 p.m.

PT, but it will be available at the store for those who sign up via the Nordtroll app.

The brand’s digital strategy has always been focused on selling a product, and the company’s focus is on promoting and selling its products through social media, as well as online and mobile.

It’s no surprise that the promotion is aimed at consumers, given that Nordstrom has become a leader in online shopping.

The company has more than 3.8 million active social media accounts on its site.

The first wave of the Nordcrys promotion came to light after the retailer shared a photo of the offer on Twitter.

The company is planning to launch a separate promotion this year that will offer a free shipping credit to those who use Nordstrom to sell their products.

Nashville-based Nordstrom also recently announced that it is planning a new store in Chicago, which it says will feature a new look, including new signage.

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