A six-year old boy has died after being struck by a skateboard in Melbourne’s south-east.

Key points:Police are investigating whether a skate board could have caused the death of the boy, who was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuriesA woman was also taken to the hospital with serious injuriesTwo cars were involved in a crash near the intersection of Grafton Street and Richmond Road around 7:30pm.

A woman in a white car suffered serious injuries.

She was treated at the scene.

The boy’s mother was at the intersection when she was struck by the skateboard.

“The driver of the white car was very, very lucky,” Inspector Mark Hamer said.

“I don’t know if it was the skate board or something else, but he was lucky because there was a car that was on the other side of the road, a red vehicle.”

The car driver suffered minor injuries.

The girl was taken by ambulance to the Royal Melbourne Children’s Hospital with serious head and neck injuries.

Her parents were in the vehicle when she sustained injuries.

“We did see a white truck at the corner of Richmond Road and Graftons Street.

It was a light-coloured truck, it was not a car,” Inspector Hamer added.”

They were on the way to Graftsons Street, which is a major street for pedestrians, and then I don’t want to say it was at random, but it was probably on the same road.”

The investigation into the cause of the crash remains ongoing.

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