When music is the biggest, adhesion is king: YouTube and adidas’ relationship is a winner

4m Adhesion promoter Matt Gorman, whose YouTube channel is now the number one place for music promotion in the United States, is still a big deal.

In 2015, when his music video was featured in a new adidas adidas campaign called “I’m the Biggest Adhesion Guru,” Gorman was on his way to a record deal with Adidas.

He got the deal through a partnership with YouTube, where he and a handful of other YouTube creators could get ad-free content and ad revenue, as well as other cool perks.

Now that YouTube has become the primary platform for music videos, and ad sales are growing at an accelerated pace, Gorman says he’s in a better position to make a living as an artist and a promoter.

“I get to do what I want, and it’s easier to do on YouTube,” he says.

Adidas is one of the biggest music companies in the world, with revenues estimated at $5 billion in 2016, according to PitchBook, and with over 150 million users on its platform, it’s one of music’s biggest influencers.

The company even has a presence on YouTube.

Gorman, who has a YouTube channel that’s watched more than 6 million views in the last year alone, has spent more than a decade promoting music videos on YouTube, using the platform as a marketing tool.

He started promoting in 2006, when he first started promoting on the site, and then went on to create an ad-supported channel in 2014.

He says he got a ton of traffic from people who watched his videos, mostly by making sure people understood how to use YouTube.

“I was really successful, and YouTube is the best platform I’ve ever had,” Geman says.

“It’s really easy to find videos on the platform.”

But in 2015, YouTube changed the way music videos were promoted and monetized, allowing brands to monetize music videos without using an intermediary like a YouTube-hosted music channel.

YouTube also has its own content licensing agreements with companies like Google, Amazon, and other major companies.

YouTube’s change, which began in 2014, was seen by some as a direct attack on YouTube’s traditional ad-driven business model, but Gorman sees it as the right move.

“YouTube is going to be the biggest platform in the future for music, and that’s where my life is right now,” he said in a recent interview with Business Insider.

“The biggest ad-spenders are going to see that it’s no longer a niche, that they can be successful on YouTube.”

Gorman has continued to promote on YouTube for the past year, mostly as a paid service.

He said he is now paying YouTube’s licensing fees through a Patreon channel that he uses to pay for YouTube content.

The money he earns from Patreon makes up about 10% of his overall income, he said.

He also has a website,, where people can earn money by promoting on YouTube and other sites.

His ad revenue has doubled in the past six months alone.

Geman says he has a few videos on his site that people can subscribe to and see their earnings increase.

He also hosts a weekly podcast, which is hosted by him and hosts other YouTube influencers, and he’s got a music video on his YouTube channel every week, along with videos of other artists like Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, and more.

The only thing that has slowed down Gorman’s YouTube promotion in recent years is his lack of exposure on a daily basis.

His YouTube channel has more than 3 million subscribers, and his Patreon account has nearly 8 million subscribers.

And when he has paid for advertising, he’s still only making about $40 per day, Geman said.

But he’s not complaining.

“YouTube is great for music,” he told Business Insider, “but I have the ability to do whatever I want on YouTube as well.

If I want to promote music, I can.

If not, I don’t know.”

Gomer has a lot of confidence in the power of music videos to get noticed, and if he can keep up his YouTube success, he believes he’ll eventually be able to make money on YouTube too.

“Music is going away as a niche,” he believes.

“Now that people know what music is and what to listen to, they’re going to want to go on YouTube to find the music they want.

That’s going to make the world a better place.”

But he knows he’s far from done promoting music, as he has plans to start a music music production company in the near future.

“Music is still the biggest thing in the universe, and we need to stay relevant in that space,” he explains.

“But I don and won’t stop promoting.”

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