New Scientist has a new app that allows you to see what other news outlets are doing in their own space.

The app was launched this week and is available for Android, iPhone and iPad.

The idea is to help journalists who want to be part of the story, not just the editor.

New Scientist’s editor-in-chief Tim Lambert says it’s a “revolutionary” feature that helps you “see what other journalists are doing”.

The news app allows you “to see what they’re doing”, Lambert says, and also allows you a “feel for the news”, and “to tell you when we’re publishing an important story”.

You can see what the other journalists have done on the news feed.

New York Times science editor Steve Gluck says it also “gives you an idea of what the coverage looks like in the field”.

But Lambert says there are limitations.

He says that the app can’t display images of articles that are published online.

It doesn’t show you which of the stories they’re linking to have been read, or which ones are linked to.

The feature isn’t yet available on other platforms, such as the BBC iPlayer or Newsbeat, though Lambert says “we are exploring that”.

The app, which is free, has a lot of limitations.

For example, it only shows you what other outlets are posting on their own feed.

It also doesn’t let you scroll through the articles, nor do you see the links to the stories.

Lambert says that he “loves” the feature.

“I think it’s awesome.

I love the fact that I can look at the news on my phone, and get a sense of what’s going on in the world,” he says.

“It’s really cool.”

But the news app also comes with a few limitations.

Lambert adds that it “doesn’t show me the article that is most popular”.

And the app won’t allow you to “see the news stories in any order”.

It also won’t show your favorite stories from a particular topic, which can be a good thing if you’re trying to “readjust your feed to see which stories you need to read next”.

Lambert says the app is “not perfect”, and it will continue to be updated.

“As we grow, we’ll add more features,” he adds.

But he says he wants to see the news apps app be more useful to journalists.

“If you are writing about a topic and you don’t have the news in your feed, you can’t really tell what’s happening in that particular area,” he said.

And he says that this new feature will help journalists “make better decisions”.

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