How to use Facebook to spread your story and get the scoop on social media promotions

Facebook is offering users a new way to get more exposure to its advertising.

Starting Tuesday, advertisers on the social network will be able to post content directly to their Facebook pages.

If you are a Facebook advertiser, you can post content to your Facebook page for $10.

You will need to be a Facebook account owner to post ads to your page.

For advertisers, the move means they can reach more people on Facebook.

The platform has been a great tool for getting brands into the eyeballs of their audience and for advertisers who have been struggling to reach that audience on Facebook because of the ads they are not getting.

Advertisers can now use the new Facebook ads feature to promote their content directly on their Facebook Pages.

The ads feature is a “new way to bring content to Facebook audiences that were previously not able to reach,” Facebook said in a statement.

This is a huge shift for Facebook, which has been trying to change the way it delivers ads and to increase its reach for the millions of people it has added to its Facebook community over the past few years.

The social network has been working to improve its reach in the past year.

Facebook said it was adding about 15 million ads to its platform in 2016, up from around 10 million in 2015.

It also said it added nearly 7 million sponsored posts last year.

The social network’s ads are delivered through a system that lets advertisers connect with Facebook users directly.

Advertisers use the platform to get a link to the content that they want to promote on their Pages, which then can be shared and shared to others.

Facebook also posts a link that people can click to see the ads in the ad feed.

In an effort to expand its reach, Facebook is adding new content partners to its ad-serving platform.

These new partners can include large brands and media companies like NBC Universal, and smaller companies like local TV stations.

Facebook said it has more than 3,000 ad partners in the U.S., as well as in Canada, Japan, and Brazil.

These partners are working with Facebook to deliver ads on their own Pages.

For example, NBCUniversal is working with NBC to run an ad on a local TV station in Florida that features a man sitting on a sofa.

In Japan, NBC is using the same platform to run a campaign that features the man in a cafe.

The Facebook ads on the page can also be shared with friends and family.

You can share them with up to six friends or family members at a time.

The new ad-sharing features are available to all users on the platform, which includes all users that are a “passive” Facebook user, and those that have a Facebook Premium account.

Facebook’s social media strategy has focused on the more casual, low-tech audience of Facebook users who have become more tech savvy.

The move is a big change for Facebook as it tries to grow its audience and compete with more established online services like Google and Amazon.

Facebook is trying to build a social network that it can build on top of the Web.

Facebook has been focused on adding more of its own content and content partners, like the NBC Universal campaign, to the platform.

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