This is an interesting story.

Metro Pens, the makers of the Metro pen, has partnered with retailers to let customers buy, sell and trade pen products on their websites and in Metro stores.

The Metro Pens website now has over 10,000 pens on sale, including several that Metro customers can sell to each other.

The Pen Store website is selling pens, too, including a selection of $100 pens.

The Pens and Pencils website is offering discounts to Metro Pens customers, including $20 off pens for the first 100 customers who use promo code “Metro.”

It also has an exclusive offer for Metro Pens owners, which includes the chance to win a free pen at Metro Pens.

The Pen Store, meanwhile, is selling a number of Metro Pens products, including the Moleskin Rollerball, a $40 pen that Metro Pens made in partnership with the National Moleskine Association.

The Moleski ball is an elegant rollerball with a thick handle and can be used to write or draw on paper.

It has been around for decades and is now available in many countries including the U.S. It is currently the only ball that is available in the U., U.K., Australia and Canada.

The new Pen Store also offers a limited-edition Metro Pen with a beautiful matte finish.

It’s a pen that was discontinued in the past, but has recently been reintroduced.

The pen is now $10 off the regular price of $34.99.

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