India’s Janky Promotions Has A Big Problem With Their Ads, Says Rajan Jadhav

JNU-Mumbai, Aug 26 (PTI) The promoters of the world’s largest jamming festival, JNURS, have come under fire for selling “janky” promotional materials.

“The marketing materials of JNurS were designed in a way that made it difficult for us to promote our events,” said Preeti Narayan, who runs a popular jamming promotion website.

“The material is janky.

We tried to make it clear that our event was not a party, but rather a music festival.”

Narayan has launched a new jamming website called, which aims to get jamming fans out of their jams and into music.

“We’re trying to create a platform for people to promote their activities without resorting to janky promotional materials,” she said. has posted over 40 jamming promotions and promotional material to date.

“In a jamming event, you’re expected to perform.

You’re expected, in general, to perform in a certain manner.

The venue is not the place to promote.

If you’re not performing properly, the venue is the place where you’re going to go to find a good jam session,” said Narayan.JNURs has been a major success in the city of 4.5 million.

The event, which has been in the news recently, has generated over one billion views on YouTube and over 4,500 jamming videos.

JNurs promoters are hoping to capitalize on this momentum.

“It’s a great opportunity to promote my music and get people excited to come out and jam,” said Pranav Srivastava, a promoter of JK Jam.

“This is what people want to do.

The idea is to have a good time.”

The promoters of Jakubhara Jam have been trying to capitalize upon the success of JNTJ.

But the Jamjam site has been slammed for being too janky, with a comment section that has been clogged with angry users.

“Some of the posts are too long.

You should not click on them,” one user wrote.

“Ajna kaam kuchh saath naap rahi hai.

No karna hai?

Anko jai hua hai aur jakubhaa, aur jaati kar kya kuchhi hai,” another user said.

The organizers have also been asked to remove videos of Jajan Singh’s jamming performance, which had received over 1.6 billion views.

“For the safety of our performers and the safety in the future of the festival, we will not be posting any videos of our performances at the moment,” said the JNTj promoter.

In a statement, JNTs promoters said that they are aware of the negative comments and want to take down the objectionable videos.

“Please feel free to contact us if you have any issue with any videos on our website,” they said.

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